Magdalena Pavlovic and her little wearable artwork Stories Made By Hands

Hello… My name is Magdalena. I am selftaught artist behind the unique jewelry “Stories Made by Hands” that is handmade from polymer clay with 10 years of polymer clay working experience.

My work and tutorials was published in numerous magazine and social platforms such as:
Polymer Week Magazine – issue 2/2021
Stampington Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine – Winter 2023
Polymer Week Society (2 times):
Polymer Clay Daily:
Power of Positivity, etc.

I finished Faculty of Sport and Physical Education master’s degree for professor and my current job is coordinator in Caritas – working every day with refugees and migrants so jewelry work is my hobby. I am grateful to God who has blessed me with many gifts! ♥
Each item in shop is a piece of original and unique artwork. Each stems, leaf, petal, flower and dot is made without molds and placed on a background, one by one with tiny needle. Polymer clay bases of jewelry are also hand-shaped. Each piece of jewelry is the result of creation which takes hours or even days. I made this jewelry with a lot of patience and love, not paying attention to the time that was passing by. When I start working on a certain piece of jewelry it’s all in my heart. I actually never know what it will look like in the end. It all begins with the first petal and then the story continues by itself. The colors that I use are always carefully chosen for each piece of jewelry. I mix colors until I get the color and tone that I really want, than I shape and decorate each and every piece. I work with a very thin needle, applying every detail. Some of my details are smaller than a millimeter. It makes me happy when I see how much joy and positivity my little works of art brings to people around the world.

What is the lifetime of the polymer clay jewelry?

If it is handled properly, polymer clay jewelry can have a very long duration. Although polymer clay is water resistant you should keep it away from the moist environment, considering the fact that there are some metal parts included. If cleaning is really necessary you can do it with a mixture of lukewarm water and a few drops of a detergent and, using a soft brush, apply it to the jewelry to remove stains. To avoid damage, keep it separately from other jewelry you have. Avoid the contact with chemicals and don`t leave it near heat. Do not pull and jounce this jewelry too much, just like you wouldn`t do it with any other jewelry you have.

Magdalena Pavlović

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