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I know this is very expensive but the amount of work that I put till the tiniest details is insane. It is something that I worked longest in my 11 years of working with polymer clay. This will be unique and one of a kind and I will not be making more. It will wait for someone who appreciate art made from hands.


Art inspired with japan culture and tradition. Autumn in Japan with red crowned crane- I have a feeling that through my work I travel to Japan. Everything is completely done with hands

Earrings are 4cm long and 3 cm wide, very light weight comparing to the size. Ear post are from sterling silver 925 with coral beads attached with gold filled wire. Each detail is made by hands, unique design. Hours and hours of complex work and techniques.

They’re not heavy and perfect size to caught anyone’s attention.

The colors are always carefully chosen for each piece of jewelry. I mix colors until I get the color and tone that I really want, then I shape and decorate each and every pieces. I work with a very thin needle, applying every detail, some of my details are less than a millimeter. My jewelry is not made by using molds. The polymer clay cabochon, petals and other details are made by hand. Each piece of my jewelry is unrepeatable-you can be sure. I really love what I do, and I enjoy it. Jewelry shown here is made with great love, patience and passion to create something that is uniquely.


This item (the clay designs) is a piece of original and unique artwork, my intellectual property and copyrighted. I understand that you admire my work and that it inspires you, but do not try to imitate it – these are two completely different things. The people deserve to see what you can do. Do not mimic, copy or reproduce any of my little wearable artwork stories made by hands – it is illegal for you to do that.


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